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1) How long does it take to build an injection mould?

It varies a little depending on product size and complexity of its shape, generally a middle size moulds are built in 50-60 days lead time.
2) What type of data files can you accept?
We can accept different types of files such as IGES, DWG, STP, PRT, X_T, DXF and PDF.
     3) What type of steel can you use? 
We have rich experience in using different steels. European steel and China steel are available as per your request.
4) Do you build hot runner moulds? 
Yes, general speaking 50% of the moulds we made were hot runner moulds. We built hot runner moulds and were familiar with many different hot runner systems such as YUDO, DME, Mold Master, Hasco and Husky, etc. The hot runner accessories for your mould will be carefully selected to meet your needs.

5) What is the life expectancy of moulds?

Mould life mostly defends on the kind of tooling steel used, the precision of mould building and mould maintenance quality during production. Usually plastic injection moulds can give at least 500000 shots. The life expectancy can be lengthened or shortened by choosing appropriate steel.